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Get yourself a Arma 2 Server today! Play now with your friends in this amazing game. Dont feel left out! Our Arma 2 Server Hosting is orientated around you, we have designed it to bring the absolute best performance possible to our clients, we know what makes a great Arma 2 Server and that's why all of our Arma 2 Hosting plans come pre-packed full of goodies!

0.00 per slot p/m

Why choose Astral Game Servers?

Customer Support

Astral Game Servers prides itself on having arguably the best customer support team for Arma 2 Server Hosting. No one wants to wait hours and even days to hear back on a support ticket for a simple issue, that's why we've designed and tailored a complete support structure for our company that ensures that our worldwide staff force are available 24/7 365 days a year to assist with any issues you're having with your Arma 2 Server, and that's why we answer 90% of tickets within the first hour.

Complete DDoS / DoS Protection

Being in the Arma 2 Hosting business for as long as we have, we know the challenges and difficulties that come with it, and network attacks such as DDoS/DoS attacks have built up their reputation. That's why we've taken a hard approach to our network security - Operating a 3-tier mitigation system, every single one of our Arma 2 Servers are completely and comprehensively protected against any and all network attacks.

0.00 per slot p/m

0.00 per slot p/m

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