About Ark: Survival Evolved

Having a game where you have the freedom to set your goals is exciting. Ark:Survival is one such open-ended game without stringent objectives. It is all about survival as the name indicates. This free form experience is one of the strongest traits of this game.

Developed and published by Studio Wildcard the game hit the market in the year 2017. It is currently available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It is one of the few games that offer support even for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. The experience is more or less similar no matter which device you choose to play. This action-adventure game comes in both single player and multiplayer modes.

You choose to play in the first person perspective as well as a third-person perspective. All it takes for survival is to tame as many creatures as possible, fight the ones that cannot be saved and survive the fights. And when you do, you should also try and establish your own base and stock up essential resources. Hunting is one way to gather supplies. The better the loots, the better are your chances of survival. Indeed, you should also have a smart strategy to manage your resources. Do not use up everything. There are certain resources which are worth hoarding and strengthening your fortress. But make sure that you also have enough to tackle your current situation. The kind of beasts that you tame, the type of resources you spend and the ones that you hoard are all going to influence your winning streak in the game.

About Ark server hosting

When you have a robust computer and a reliable network, hosting a server is easy today. With open world games like Ark:Survival Evolved, playing on a private server opens up plenty of opportunities in the game.

It is always a good idea to host your server in a spare computer and not the one on which you play your game. This ensures the consistency in your game. When you play the original version of the game in the default game servers you play by the rules built into the games. With a dedicated server, you would be able to customize the gameplay and your characters as well.

Renting a server is for those who do not wish to carry out the server setup and configuration process. Whether you rent or host your own server you would be able to connect with your friends and play a totally new version of the game.

Use the Ark Server Manager tool to make server hosting simpler. This would also make the server management process easy to handle. Remember that you might need a different account on Steam to play the game which cannot be the same as the one which you use for hosting.

When there is a dedicated server that you are hosting then you have the option to allow friends to join your game. There is one main limitation with playing the game in the multiplayer mode without a dedicated server- the host rules the game. When you are playing a multiplayer game you would be joining a team and once you do this you would have to stay in the vicinity of the host. You cannot venture all by yourself anywhere beyond 200m away from the host. This limits your survival strategy decisions. You can break free of all such limitations when you host your server for the game. No more teleporting behind the host wherever and whenever the host chooses to go. Therefore the money you invest in a dedicated server gives you the real sense of freedom you need in the game.