Astral Game Servers provides the most affordable and powerful Dedicated servers on the market. These Dedicated Servers are guaranteed to bring you lightning fast speeds, unprecedented reliability and the highest security, all for an affordable price. Whether you intend to run highly intensive games or to host Voice and Web applications, these servers are sure to suit your needs

Unrivalled Hardware

Our Dedicated Servers are designed and built with you in mind. We have optimized our hardware to support the needs of any gaming community. Built on solid hardware, powered on cutting-edge software.

Global, Reliable Network

Backed by only premium bandwidth carriers, our network features two border routers, two core routers and redundant links to every one of our switches, ensuring 99.9% uptime throughout all of our server nodes, and lightning fast network speeds!

Speedy Setup

Once the payment clears your order will go straight to one of our datacenters which will manage the initial setup of the server! Our system is 90% automated meaning setup times are usually between 3-6 hours!