A game server is considered to be the ultimate authority when it comes to online multiplayer gaming. The data is transmitted to the clients rendering a perfect vision of the game in their particular state.

Types of game servers

There are two types of game server hosting they are

Dedicated server

The dedicated servers require the players to connect to the server with a very specific client program to proceed further with gaming. These servers stimulate the game without supporting direct output or input. The ability to host professional data centers in the biggest advantage of dedicated servers. It is because of this the issue of low latency is completely eliminated, and hence there is a perfect flow in the game without any kind of hindrance. The dedicated servers are very expensive when it comes to running cost. Most of the dedicated servers also provide listen servers.

Listen server

These listen servers exactly function like dedicated servers except for the fact that they have a huge issue while communicating with remote players. In most of the situations, the residential connections do not live up to the expectations of the game. There is also a drastic reduction in performance because an output image is generated even by the machine running the server. The biggest advantage of listen servers is that they do not need any infrastructure requirements. This actually makes them more like LAN parties. Generally, bandwidth and latency are not a concern in LAN parties.