About Team Fortress 2

TF2 or Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer “first-person” team-based shooting video game. The creators of TF2 are Robin Walker & John Cook. They are the ones who introduced the original “Team Fortress” game.

Developed by Valve Corporation, the game is a sequel of the “1996 Team Fortress for Quake”. It is also a remake of the “1999 Team Fortress Classic”. Released on 10th October 2007, TF2 is a part of the “The Orange Box” game bundle.

Currently, the game is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, and the Xbox 360. Valve Corporation’s Steam handles TF2’s online distribution. Whereas, Electronic Arts deals with its retail distribution.

Playing the Game: The game comprises of nine different character classes and many game modes. This allows players to portray their true gaming personalities. Besides, it also exhibits their tactical abilities on the battlefield. While playing, players need to form two different teams and battle it out against each other.

The Winner: The Team that captures both the King of the Hill and the Flag wins the game.

Game Reception: The game comes to life with its realistic and militaristic visuals. It is to no surprise that “TF2” won critical acclaim for its exception art direction, led by Norman Rockwell and J. C. Leyendecker, the Dean of Cornwell. The game, well appreciated for its character usage, gameplay, and humor, is a one of a kind in the world of “multiplayer-only” games.

Expected Upgrades: Valve Corporation promises to surprise its users with new content. This includes new artillery items and maps for navigation. You can even expect several interesting game modes, besides community-made updates.

Overall, the game is a huge hit and TF2’s reviews are proof enough.

About Team Fortress 2 Server Hosting

The gameplay of TF2 might seem easy while you read it. Still, capturing the King and the flag is not as easy as you imagine. The other challenging part is when you will have to fight with your teammates to earn control points.

Hence, access to the best game server hosting will enhance your gaming experience. Plus with a great gaming interface, it is easier to kick-start your private gaming server.

Why do you need a TF2 Server Hosting?

  • To instantly establish your own TF2 server
  • To enable switching to other game servers without any hassle
  • To avoid lags that will hurt the hardware’s performance

Features of a TF2 Server hosting

  • The installation process is quick and easy, one that does not take hours together.
  • You can keep the servers online for 24×7, even when you are not in front of your system.
  • The management of a Team Fortress 2 Server is easy. With customized control panels, you get to decide how to configure the settings. Be it using FTPs, uploading files, installing plugins or mods, adding extra administrators, or even switching locations, you have total control.
  • Easy migration to new data centers is also possible. The main advantage of this is that if you observe a lag in your current geographical location, then switching to other redundant locations will enhance your gaming experience.
    Server hosting is not a messy affair. Rather it is simple and easy to follow that many can grasp. With TF2 Server Hosting, setting your server, controlling the settings, and making configuration changes is a piece of a cake. You can also adjust the speed and the stability to please the gamer in you.

These days, you can even manage your TF2 server with the help of your smartphone. Prices are also unbelievable. You can order your slots now for less than a dollar per slot.